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Sales Training Process | Obtain Sustainable Sales Results

Sales Training Process

The Critical Importance of Diagnosing Before Prescribing

Before we begin to train, change or coach any sales team, we first access individual and group strengths and weaknesses providing us a clear understanding as to Sales specific issues must be targeted. This allows us to develop the Sales Training Program, Process and Coaching in a way that targets Leadership, Management and Sales deficiencies providing productive support.

Peak Performance Training and Development does not rely on Blanket Training. This refers to Training Companies that believe one shoe fits all. A Doctor cannot prescribe the same drug to ten different patients, right, nor should you. Our Training and Targeted Coaching focuses in on the individual/group sales weaknesses, opposed to simply preaching our opinion or forcing a one size fits all approach.

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Targeted Training

Our targeted Sales Performance Training is heavy weighted in the identified areas of weakness. We believe the overall group should be utilizing a consistent approach making use of consistent sales criteria reducing the "wing-it" approach. While the overall group must be on "the same page" each individual has certain habits and beliefs that impede selling success. These areas must be identified prior to training and addressed in the training process.

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Targeted Un-Training

As human beings we are habitual. Meaning that we have certain management, hiring or sales beliefs that convert into habits. Habits slowly form your routine. Unfortunately only parts of your sales routine are naturally productive, while others are not. It is essential that sales people, many of which have been selling for years identify what they do that naturally works, and what they do that works against them! Un-training deals with the issues that have management going over the same thing with the same people without a change in mindset, habit, routine or result! Call us today at 1-866-816-0991 to stop this unproductive cycle.

We first uncover:

  • What is your group doing/relying on (sales specific) that is working (this helps us in determining the best training course of action)
  • What is your group doing/relying on (sales specific) that is working against them (determining how best to un-train them)
  • What sales structure/process/criteria is not in play that you may want to consider.

This allows Peak Performance to to identify the areas you need to focus on during sales training. Particular attention will be focused on what to do sales specific (how to train) and what not to do sales specific (how to un-train). This refers to sales/sales management practices that the group relies upon but that shouldn't be use. Do you need to break the cycle of counter productive mindsets and behavior? 

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Training Interactivity (Participation and Utilization)

One of the major concerns any sales organization should have is Participation & Utilization. Peak Performance Sales Training ensures participation through direct line questioning, instant polling and testing of each participant during each class. Instant polling places sales professionals and sales managers in real world selling/managing situations in order to uncover how hey would deal with each situation. Sales Professionals instantly see how they deal with the same scenario differently from other participants. 

Targeted Coaching

Our Sales Training takes place over time as mindsets and routines, developed over time are not broken in a one day Sales Seminar. During the course of this process, Peak Performance provides on-going targeted Sales Coaching to each participant. The material is taken in slowly and presented in a way that correlated to your real world selling scenarios. Different people handle similar situations differently. Therefore, dealing with each sales person or manager in the same manner is simply not productive. Boot camps or 1-2 day Impact Training Programs do not allow for post training advice as to how best to apply each strategy effectively. 

On-Going Reinforcement Training

Training in general is often treated as an event and not an ongoing process. Have you attended a one day sales seminar, 2 day sales management course or motivational program in the past? What was missing, what was lacking? In other words, why are you here again? Mastering selling skills is like mastering golf or playing the piano - a set of skills developed over time, and reinforced through practice and application. Unlock the Untapped and Unrealized Potential. Contact Peak Performance today at 1-866-816-0991.

Sales Training Process