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Sales Training Classes

Sales Training Classes

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Sales Training Classes: A critical component of Growth! Companies offering Sales Training, like most industries have a few select individuals that are the best at what they do. At the end of the day it is not Sales Training Classes, Sales Training Courses or the Best Sales Training Programs that matter. The only factor that matters to your company is your end result, and that your results are sustainable opposed to a "blip on the screen" followed by sales people falling back into counter-productive routines.

If you have experienced little more than a temporary boost created by Short Term Sales Seminars or One Day Sales Training classes only to find your sales people falling back into comfort zone & unproductive routines, then please contact us direct at 866-816-0991 or Request Information and be aware of viable options!

Why many Sales Courses and Sales Management Programs fall short of your Expectations

At Peak Performance, we believe that many in the field Sales Training, Business Development Training or Management Training fall short in gaining the results expected for several reasons. For example, if you have attended some form of sales seminar or motivational speaking engagement yet find yourself looking for other options, then this in and of itself is proof that these short term sales training programs simply do not work. What is often lacking is effective ongoing sales coaching to solidify what is taught in each program.  If you utilize hindsight and ask yourself, what were the motivating factors that led you to invest the time and money into such sales training programs or management training courses? The answer might surprise you. They are probably the same sales obstacles that have you investigating Training options now! What was lacking in these past sales courses? What did not work? What did not stick and why?

Get at the Actual Root Cause of the Problem. Take our Complimentary CEO Growth Barrier Diagnostic to begin this crucial process.

Common Training Mistakes that lead to failure

Training Mistake #1: Often Business Owners, Presidents and CEO's put their financial future into the hands of their sales team...opposed to placing their sales team into a consistent trackable and manageable sales process. Sales people do what they do because they believe it is the right thing to do! However it is not always the most effective thing to do! Sales people all have their own approach and view the viability of a prospect differently; often through rose colored glasses costing you money.

Training Mistake #2: The most common method of training sales people is also the least effective and the most expensive! Sending experienced yet untrained people into the marketplace with product knowledge, a product manual and a price list is a recipe for disaster...It's also the root cause of management frustration! Companies that train their sales forces this way mistakenly believe they can't afford to train them "to sell!". Untrained sales people cost companies you money in low productivity, low-margin sales, lost customers and turnover. You have a choice! Grin and bear with it or investigate your options.

Without a consistent sales approach, sales process, sales coaching or consistent sales criteria, management loses control. This is especially true and damaging when you have to rely on remote satellite offices or even regional or local sales offices. The disbursement of sales people scattered across a region, territory or even the country dilutes your message and hence overall effectiveness. Your overall communication is less than what it may be if your sales people were centrally located. Call us today at 866-816-0991.